7 Questions With Brian Breaker

DTF Podcast will be featuring wrestlers in our 7 Questions segment. Check out our first interview with Brian Breaker below!

Brian Breaker

Socials: @BrianBreakerODR, @bbph918, @BTTNintendo

Merch: http://bbph.redbubble.com and prowrestlingtees.com/brianbreaker

Birthdate: October 9, 1985

Hometown: Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Finisher: The Oklahoma Stampede

Brian Breaker debuted at World League Wrestling in 2008 and worked his way to NXT and WWE. He currently wrestles the independent circuit and can be found on Breaker and Bayn’s Power Hour Podcast, or the Back To The Nintendo Podcast. Brian is a true link to wrestling history, as he was trained by the legendary Harley Race. While being able to adjust to the ever-changing new school ways of pro wrestling, Brian Breaker has been successful throughout each step of his wrestling journey.

1. DTF: In 1 sentence, how would you describe your wrestling style?

BB: I would describe my wrestling style as hard-hitting strikes with a mix of power and agility.

2. DTF: What wrestlers inspired you as a kid?

BB: Huge fan of Razor Ramon as a kid. Razor was cool, powerful and a total badass. I was such a Razor fan. I still remember being so disappointed that WWE did the “fake” razor gimmick. In my opinion, one of the worst ideas of all time.

3. DTF: What wrestlers inspire you today?

BB: Hmm that’s hard to answer, I guess I would say people that bet on themselves. But not a specific person.

4. DTF: Favorite wrestling figure(s)?

BB: If we are talking figure line, I would have to go with Hasbros. I grew up on those figures, and they will always be my favorite. If we are talking a specific figure Hasbro, Macho Man series 1 or Hasbro Razor Ramon Yellow Card.

5. DTF: What is your dream wrestling match?

BB: I often think Dream matches should stay dream matches because I feel like they don’t ever live up to the hype. That being said, HBK in his prime vs AJ Styles would be a lot of fun.

6. DTF: Is there anything that surprised you when you started wrestling?

BB: Everything surprised me when I started wrestling, I know the lack of money for lower level independent wrestling still shocks me, and the abundance of money for top tier talent shocks me as well.

7. DTF: What was it like to train with Harley Race?

BB: Training with Harley was easily the smartest decision I ever made. Harley called us his kids and he really meant it. The guys who were there long term, were always learning from Harley. Until the day he died I could call him for any reason and get advice, which I always did especially while trying to navigate the pro wrestling world!

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