Collector Spotlight - Jonathon Hrobat

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Jonathon Hrobat

Twitter: @Badger751

DTF: How did you start collecting?

JH: I started collecting in college with monthly wrestling subscription boxes. I would get things here and there from those, but I was in college and didn’t have a ton of money so it was usually just that, a couple Funko Pops, figures, and autographs. Then I started collecting more Funko Pops and wrestling figures, and from there it just blew up.

DTF: What all do you collect (just wrestling or other areas, figures, memorabilia, cards, etc.)?

JH: I collect a little bit of everything, but I would mainly classify it as action figures and wrestling memorabilia and a few Hot Wheels. I really like pop culture stuff like action figures from TV, movies, or video games. A little vintage, but mostly modern stuff.

DTF: What is one wrestling figure you want, that is not yet in your collection?

JH: One figure I want in my collection that I don’t have yet is definitely Chris Jericho Defining Moment. He’s my favorite wrestler of all time.

DTF: What figure do you have that you never thought you would get?

JH: I don’t know if I have any figures necessarily I never thought I would have but I do have an

autographed commemorative urn signed by the Undertaker. Anybody who knows anything

about wrestling autographs knows Taker does not do many meet and greets. I got searched at border patrol trying to get that thing coming back from Canada to the US.

DTF: What is your favorite figure in your collection?

JH: My favorite figure in my collection is the Macho man Randy Savage Slim Jim gear SDCC exclusive from 2019. The packaging is so perfect and that is an iconic role for Randy Savage. And not to mention Slim Jims are awesome, the figure kind of spawned its own Macho Man Slim Jim shrine.

DTF: MOC or loose and why?

JH: MOC or loose depends on the individual figure. If it has good packaging and is some sort of exclusive, I like to keep it in the package. For 90% of my figures, I like them loose. I like playing with my toys too much.

DTF: What is the best deal you have ever gotten on a figure?

JH: The best deal I’ve ever gotten on figures was the Ghostbusters Diamond Select series 1 through 3. A local grocery store must have gotten a deal on some back inventory, and I got the first 3 series for $9 a figure when they retail for $25. The best part about that series is if you collect them all you get to build the rooftop diorama scene from the end of the movie.

DTF: Do you have a favorite #Legwork store/website?

JH: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite store, it just depends on what I’m looking for.

DTF: Is there a #Legwork experience that stands out as a favorite, or your most memorable?

JH: I don’t think I have one standout experience, but any of the times road tripping it to a toy show with my friends. We recently drove about 8 hours round trip to hit the Great Ohio Toy Show, and then we stopped in Cincinnati at The Toy Dept which we discovered on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. Got a few good pickups on that trip like the New Day Booty-O’s 3 pack.

DTF: Where do you see the evolution of figures in the next 5 years?

JH: I would almost like to see figures go backwards a little bit. I’m sure there’s a whole list of

practical reasons why this wouldn’t work, but I love playsets with my figures. There seems to be a lot of lines getting away from entire lines of toys with vehicles, animals, playsets etc. It’s mainly just the figures. Who wouldn’t love a huge authentic entrance stage playset or a properly scaled backstage playset?

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