Collector Spotlight - Ramon "Ray" Diosdado

Ramon "Ray" Diosdado

Twitter: @SoCal_Ray27

Instagram: @the_figure_kliq

DTF: How did you start collecting?

RD: Ever since I was a kid, I took a huge liking to toys. Like any kid, I'd go outside and play, but my real interest was waiting inside for me, especially when wrestling came on.

DTF: What all do you collect (just wrestling or other areas, figures, memorabilia, cards, etc.)?

RD: I mostly collect wrestling - all Mattel and now AEW Jazwares. I have a ton of Funko Pops, but I started limiting my purchases to 10 per year beginning in 2018.

I also collect Star Wars Black Series since I grew up on the 3.75 Star Wars figures, but that collection has also slowed down big time.

I get some Neca figures here and there, depending on which ones they are. I only have about five of those.

Another one of my loves is super heroes! I used to collect the 3.75, which I still have, but now I own Marvel Legends and some DC universe figs. I've stopped buying them, but I'll purchase one here or there. Finally, I also collect bobbleheads. As a huge baseball fan, bobblehead giveaways are some of my favorite games to go to. Without a doubt, I have more wrestling than anything. 

DTF: What is one wrestling figure you want, that is not yet in your collection?

RD: If we're talking future releases it's without a doubt Hollywood Hogan Ultimate Edition. If we're talking grails, I have most of the grails I set out to attain when I started collecting so it's tough. I'd like to own Flashback Legends 3 Ricky Steamboat. Not because I was a huge fan, but because I love Macho Man, and that WrestleMania 3 match is a classic. Can't have one fig without the other. 

DTF: What figure do you have that you never thought you would get?

RD: Probably a couple of my Macho Man figures. I got into the game heavily in 2015 so I had a lot of ground to make up. I was lucky in getting the RSC Exclusive NWO Macho Man and the Macho King! I also didn't think I'd get the Elite 16 Kevin Nash MOC, let alone get it signed.

DTF: What is your favorite figure in your collection?

RD: It's hard to just pick one, but probably Ringside Macho King or Defining Moments Crow Sting. 

DTF: MOC or loose and why?

RD: Both!! I began as a loose collector, but I started enjoying keeping them in box, especially to get signed.

Some figs I buy two of, others just get ripped open and go straight to the shelf. Especially since my nine year old likes to play with them. Sometimes I like to pose and recreate moments with the figs.

I'm still working on my fig photography, but I enjoy doing it. 

DTF: What is the best deal you have ever gotten on a figure?

RD: Buying Elite 69 for seven bucks each . Nah in all seriousness, I've gotten really lucky with some rare figs, like some of the earlier Defining Moments by paying cost. The best after market deals I've gotten are Elite 16 CM Punk MOC for 30 bucks, which was just in time to meet him in Chicago for All Out and get it signed. That figure sells for a pretty penny, and I got extremely lucky.

DTF: Do you have a favorite #Legwork store/website?

RD: Stores are frustrating, so I have to resort to online. Either that or the Figlife community, but if I had to pick a store... Target? IDK, I really miss Toys"R"Us.

DTF: Is there a #Legwork experience that stands out as a favorite, or your most memorable?

RD: I had to travel to North Carolina for training once, and the Target exclusive Hall of Fame Heenan Family 4 pack was just dropping and at 25 bucks. I had no way of getting there and Uber wasn't a thing yet. A drunk man was lounging in the lobby offerd to take me as long as I drove his rental, a Challenger. Long story short, we go and scoop it up, making it back in one piece. Aside from my luggage, the 4 pack traveled back to California with me. 

DTF: Where do you see the evolution of figures in the next 5 years?

RD: Only bigger and better.

Five years ago, Mattel was the big dog. They still are, but now there are new players in town and as we've seen in wrestling, competition is a good thing.

Mattel stays pushing out gold, FTC does things at their pace, Storm Collectibles drop figs rarely but when they do its pure heat. I never expected luchador figures to get a line, and then NJPW joined the game. And then there's AEW. I wasn't a fan after the final product photos, but having them in person, I can't deny that I love Jericho and Omega. These are only gonna get better. We as collectors are going to be spoiled as we burn holes through our pockets, but the fig game is going to prosper and be healthy especially once we can surpass this pandemic and hope to avoid another!

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