Collector Spotlight - RJ Kruszynski

RJ Kruszynski

Twitter: @RingsideRant_RJ

Instagram: @ShapedUs

DTF: How did you start collecting?

RJ: I started collecting when I was very young but stopped when my father got rid of all of my LJN wrestlers.  I got back into collecting when my wife got me the Fury Roddy Piper, and as they say, the rest is history.

DTF: What all do you collect (just wrestling or other areas, figures, memorabilia, cards, etc.)?

RJ: I collect figures, Starting Lineups, sports cards and Buffalo sports memorabilia. 

DTF: What is one wrestling figure you want, that is not yet in your collection?

RJ: Aleister Black 73 

DTF: What figure do you have that you never thought you would get?

RJ: Defining Moments Randy Savage from WrestleMania 3 and Defining Moments Chris Jericho.  Thanks to #FIGFAMILY

DTF: What is your favorite figure in your collection?

RJ: Roddy Piper Fury

DTF: MOC or loose and why?

RJ: MOC if they are Classic Superstars, or I will have the opportunity of meeting them to get it signed. All others are loose. 

DTF: What is the best deal you have ever gotten on a figure?

RJ: Savage, Jericho, and Flair as gifts thanks to Fig Family members.

DTF: Do you have a favorite #Legwork store/website?

RJ: Walmart, Target and eBay 

DTF: Is there a #Legwork experience that stands out as a favorite, or your most memorable?

RJ: Anytime I do #LegWork with my son.

DTF: Where do you see the evolution of figures in the next 5 years?

RJ: In the next five years I see a figure convention that is similar to WrestleCade and Starrcast.  I believe the community will continue to grow to areas that we can only imagine.  

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