Collector Spotlight - The Haddox Boys

Nick, Kaden & Brooks

Twitter: @NickHaddox3

DTF: How did you start collecting?

HB: When I was 3 years old, my dad took me to a Comic-Con in Monroeville, PA. It was my first Meet n Greet with a wrestling legend, Bruno Sammartino. My dad had him sign his Flashback Elite Series 25 for me.

At that same show, I came across a bin of used figures and picked out a Rey Mysterio, along with a John Cena. Cena became my favorite for the next few years, and our obsession with collecting started. 

DTF: What all do you collect (just wrestling or other areas, figures, memorabilia, cards, etc.)?

HB: We collect any and all things wrestling. We also collect trading cards (baseball, football, wrestling, etc) and bobble heads of the Cincinnati Reds. 

DTF: What is one wrestling figure you want, that is not yet in your collection?

Kaden: WWE Classic Superstars Collectors Series 6 Shawn Michaels 

Brooks: Jakks Classic Superstars 2005 The Three 3 Faces Of The Undertaker

DTF: What figure do you have that you never thought you would get?

HB: Both Sting Defining Moments (both are signed).

DTF: What is your favorite figure in your collection?

Kaden: Ultimate Shawn Michaels

Brooks: Elite Taker (Series 55)

DTF: MOC or loose and why?

HB: Mostly loose because we wrestle with them everyday!

DTF: What is the best deal you have ever gotten on a figure?

HB: $5 for the Sensational Sherri Elite when she was hard to find at Big Lots.

DTF: Do you have a favorite #Legwork store/website?

HB:  It used to be Toys "R" Us, but now usually Walmart, Target, or on the Doing the Favor app.

DTF: Is there a #Legwork experience that stands out as a favorite, or your most memorable?

HB: Flying to Orlando to meet John Cena and getting our Defining Moments Cena signed. It was a great family trip!

DTF: Where do you see the evolution of figures in the next 5 years?

HB:  More detailed with more accessories for us to play with!

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