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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

In all the years you have been watching wrestling, has there ever been a moment when you felt a promotion was trying to pull a fast one on you? It could have been a story line gone wrong, a bad gimmick or even a horrible character change.

For me, it was the introduction of Razor Ramon. I don't know what it was, but seeing Razor Ramon threw out everything I thought I knew about wrestling. I've seen wrestlers like The Fabulous Freebirds jump territories, without a name change. I saw a young wrestler in WCCW named Ricky Rood get a Ravishing transformation into Rick Rude. Then there was a guy named Jim who went from Blade Runner Rock, to The Dingo Warrior, to The Ultimate Warrior.

But never did I see a guy transform into a giant white dude from Minnesota, to a Scarface wannabe from Miami. I think the WWF was trying to punk me, and I didn't want it.

Razor Ramon was introduced to the WWF back in 1992, and while spewing Machismo and doing promos in his Cuban accent, all I could do was scream at my TV "That's Big Scott Hall from Minnesota. He's not even Cuban." But then Razor got into the ring, and that's when I saw Scott Hall wrestle. So all was not lost.

Now, over 25 years later, and the wrestling fourth wall is broken, it's when I learned about Vince creating his own characters, and the cost of owning the rights to said character. This information was not available to me back then, so I screamed at my television for nothing, and saw Razor Ramon put on many great matches in his short time in the WWF, before his departure to the n.W.o.

This was the only time I really questioned wrestling, as the Razor Ramon character later made me realize anything can happen in wrestling. But I'm interested to know, what made you do a double take and question any promotions you follow?

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