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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

For the entire duration of my existence in this world, there has been one constant in my life. Wrestling.

For nearly 32 years, I have been consumed by the drama, the athleticism, the roller coaster of emotions that is professional wrestling. There really is no other form of entertainment in the world that incorporates so many different aspects at one time. While the popularity of wrestling, or sports entertainment if you will, has had its ebbs and flows over time, I have never left. My love for the sport has never waned. It has been a passion of mine. As is natural, the “wrestling friends” that you gain over the years will lose interest. They either fall out of love with it, don’t have the time to keep up, or just simply were never that interested in the first place. I missed talking wrestling with my friends, I missed having a place to discuss my thoughts and opinions on the hours of content that I was taking in on a weekly basis.

As all of this was happening with my wrestling fandom, my personal life was about to experience some major changes. In February of 2016, I was fresh out of a divorce and trying to find a hobby to keep myself busy. The mind can go into some dark places when you find yourself alone for the first time in nearly a decade. I collected wrestling figures as a child all the way up through my teenage years. My nephews were also becoming big wrestling fans and I was proud to pass my love of it all down to them. I also passed down my entire collection (looking back, that was a mistake).

So I slowly started to get back into buying wrestling figures and at the same time subscribed to WrestleCrate. In doing some research on the crates, I stumbled upon unboxing videos on YouTube of Jordan “The Giant” Cassatt. I thought he was extremely entertaining and I loved that he was always honest. If he didn’t like something he received, he was never going to sugarcoat it for the sake of his videos. From there, I started following him on Twitter and I would occasionally see him post about a podcast called Fully Poseable. I gave it a listen, and I say this with complete sincerity, that decision changed my life. Two real life brothers reignited a passion for collecting in me, and on the way introduced me to some of the greatest people I have ever known.

It wasn’t just the podcast though. I was introduced to a family. The #FigLife family. A group of collectors who not only love the hobby, but also love to help each other. That is not easy to find in today’s world. It was so refreshing to encounter countless individuals that would become friends from our shared love of wrestling, and of wrestling figures.

Fast forward a few years later, and this time I was introduced to a podcast called Doing the Favor. One of my best friends, the Good Sister Tara Lynch, told me about how hilarious the show was and that I’d get a kick out of it. For the second time in three years, another decision that changed my life. I immediately felt a connection to Eric and Barry, as their views on wrestling are very similar to mine. To top it all off, the natural chemistry and charisma that they share is infectious and I was finding myself always wanting more at the end of each show.

As time went on, I have become great friends with both of these guys, and I consider each of them like a brother to me. Not only had I found another podcast, but I also discovered even more incredible human beings that have helped grow and shape our community. The #Legwork Legion. As you read this, you now know of the creation of the Doing the Favor website to go along with the weekly shows. This is for us. It would not have been possible without the constant support of so many people who have welcomed Eric and Barry into the community and made them one of our own. It is because of people like Good Brother Mike, because of men like DoBro and Women like Tara. It is also a result of the hard work and effort of the Marketing Director Rachel Brown. To see what she has put together for us is truly astonishing. I am honored that Eric has entrusted me with the opportunity and responsibility of contributing to this website. To provide content for my friends, for our community.

So I want to welcome you to the website, and I look forward to all of you joining me on this journey. We are going to talk wrestling, we are going to talk figures, we are going to share in this together.

I will let my passion flow in these articles, as I have missed writing and this will provide another outlet for me. I take this very seriously, as I want nothing but the best for the guys, for the continued success and growth of the show. I also want this website to be a place for each and every one of us to come together to share in more ways than we already do.

So always remember, this is FOR us, the result of our support. Let’s have some fun!

Drew Vencill is a lifelong wrestling fan and proud member of the Ohio Players. Follow him on Twitter @DrewVencill


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