Thunder Rosa: The Journey of 1000 Miles

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Up until June of this year I had no idea who Thunder Rosa was. Sure, I had watched Lucha Underground and Kobra Moon but, I never expected her to be the biggest badass women’s wrestler just a couple of years later. Flash forward to me starting my own podcast and looking for a match of the week. I accidently stumbled on Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse from Women’s Night Out 4, and holy shit was I blown away.

She started her career in 2014. Think about that for a second. The biggest name in women’s wrestling right now has only been wrestling for six years THAT’S IT!

Think about the biggest names in pro wrestling and how long their careers have spanned for them to truly make an impact. Thunder Rosa has become a household name in America and an international superstar in just six years. In 2015 she started working in Lucha Underground as the venomous and deadly leader of the reptile tribe Kobra Moon. As a fan, I really dug her role in LU because she got to mix it up with the guys. She wasn’t another valet to escort a man to the ring. She could kick your ass and she made sure all the guys knew it.

She would go on to fight LU in court due to their mistreatment of talent and illegal contract practices and was released in 2019.

What I love about this is the sheer balls it takes to sue a TV production company into releasing you from your contract. That seems to sum up Thunder Rosa to a T. She’s got a huge set of brass balls on her. Since getting released from LU, she’s gone on to wrestle in ROH and is currently signed to NWA and has been participating in AEW most recently. Her match vs Hikaru Shida at All Out was my favorite match on the card, and the feud that Shida and her are building is surely one of, if not the best feud of 2020.

After all this hustle, blood, tears and injuries from wrestling, let’s not forget that she is a legit MMA fighter as well. While she lost her first pro MMA fight, she recently said in an interview that she's gearing up to hit the octagon again soon. She is signed with Combates Americas for three more pro MMA fights and from what I can see, she is ready to fight until she’s bloody.

That is what I love about Rosa as a person, as a fighter and as a role model. She fights and claws and scratches and bleeds for what she wants.

Why am I such a fan? Thunder Rosa embodies the spirit of what a badass modern-day latina gladiator is. However, you can’t just stuff her into that one mold. She is also a promoter and a wife on top of everything else she does. If there is a better woman in wrestling today, I have not seen her, and I don’t think we will for a long time to come.

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